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To cover someone's face in a mask with only the mouth exposed. The person's is then shat on to leave a thick brown outline around their mouth similar to blackface lips.
Jamaal got a Mississippi Mustache but no one really noticed
by burrs August 18, 2011
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A Mississippi mustache is a maneuver that takes a level of skill and preparation as well as opportunity. When your friend is passed out drunk insert your finger into their anus. Pull your finger out and smear the anal debris onto their upper lip. After you've completed these simple steps shave off your pubic hair and gently apply them onto your friend's lip utilizing the fecal matter as an adhesive.

NOTE: To be considered a flawless Mississippi mustache the pubic hair must stick to the lip.
Mark: "Tyler got drunk the other night and passed out on my couch."
Jeff: "Yea?"
Mark: "Yea. I totally gave him a Mississippi mustache."
Jeff: "Choice."
by mudblood666 January 18, 2016
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