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anal debris are the little bits of crap that come flopping out your anus after the penis is withdrawn out of the anus.
Oh my god Dunstan you've got some serious anal debris going on. *after being done up the bum by adam*
by omfgscrub January 12, 2006
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Is usually the leftovers found in ones underware, or panties, which is usually and most entirely made-up of dried shit and ass hair from one's butt checks. This every common side-effect that is found in one's underware or panties as the direct result of having had taken a shit in the begining of one's day and is waiting to be revealed at the end of the day!
Sally noticed in the bathroom, after having worked a 12-hour day that she had some anal debris in her panties!
by guyfawkes74 December 14, 2009
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