1. Historical - White mistress of a slave plantation or any white woman of authority in the southern United States during slavery and the Jim Crow era. 2. Current - Derogatory term for any difficult, bossy or perceived racist/bigoted white woman
"I gotta go clean Miss Ann's house now or I'll never hear the end of it!", "Can you believe Miss Ann had the nerve to order me to work late tonight?", "Hillary Clinton acts like such a Miss Ann!"
by Santeriasister February 27, 2008
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1. Historically - A term that Harlem residents in the 1920s used for white women who joined the Harlem Renaissance. Suspected by black people and white people alike, they risked ostracism for pushing the boundaries.
2. Modern usage - white girl at a nonwhite event
At a black/latino event:
Black chick: What's that white girl doing here?!
Chico: Miss Anne can't dance.
*they stare*
Black chick: So let's go teach her then.
Chico: Uhhhh ... you serious?
*girl dances hips swaying, dragging him along*
Chico: ... yo alright alright.
White girl: omg hi!!! My parents will totally kill me if they knew I was here. Like, isn't this awesome!!!
by malarkeylark October 8, 2013
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