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A virginal ubernerd who lacks the social skills to make people like him or bed women; he ventures into the practices of "pick-up arts", bodybuilding, wearing a fedora (commonly known as "peacocking") and randomly insulting women and manginas from his keyboard in a fruitless attempt to woo the opposite sex and become more popular with people in general. His epic and lulzy fails at social approval keep him forever embroiled in a tragic and Promethean cycle of loserdom and isolation. His sexuality in question, this pathetic and ostracized creature shall evolve greater levels of SRS BSNS until he finally devotes 100% of his internet time to raging against Feminists.
Hey girl how was ComiCon?

Great until some pasty misogynerd tried to rape my wings with his strange, pointy little fingers.
by persephoneurbandic November 29, 2014
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Misogynistic nerd, often a dropout. They make people of their race/sexuality/... seem misogynistic in general, but are the fecal minority
Chris Kluwe, NFL dropout, is an obnoxious, moronic misogynerd.
by krazzyfяeak November 04, 2015
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A misogynistic nerd, generally a gamer.
Girl A: Gosh, I was Playing CoD and this 12 year old misogynerd kept telling me to get off and go back to the kitchen!

Girls B: Wow, that's fucked up.
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