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Mishka's are usually gorgeous. Mishka's are kind, caring and always put other people first. If a Mishka has a best friend they always mean the world to them. Mishka's are lucky to have as a permanent part of anybodies life, and you'll find that nobody ever leaves Mishkas. Some of them are very attractive and sometimes irresistible to males. Mishkas are the whole package, if you want a good friend, find a Mishka. If you want a good girlfriend, find a Mishka.
Person one- 'That girls really hot; what's her name?'

Person two- 'Her names Mishka'
by Cutiepie123456789 April 05, 2014
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The Russian word for bear, mostly a baby bear ( Cub ).
That's why the logo of the compony "Mishka" is a bear.

Also used as a pet name, very much like sweetie-pie and honey-bear
1: I just saw a mishka in in the woods!

2: I love you so much, mishka.
by iknowthings100 March 28, 2013
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Something so goddamn amazing , something so goddamn astounding, something so beautiful and creative and funny and magnificent and stupendous. A Mishka is a person that is so unique, and different, that no word can describe what or who she is because she's just that unique. A person is a Mishka when you realise that no word describes her because she isn't supposed to be described. She's just like a once in a life time experience or a moment in time you cannot take back. This is because, like those experiences, can't be described because it will be putting a limit to something so close to what we can actually call... perfection
bro, she's a Mishka ... I mean. nothing else comes close to describing how amazing she is.
by Bean143 December 24, 2018
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the ruler of "mishkan", or perfect woman in anciant croatian. A very attractive, sexually appealing woman.
woah the girl i went out with last night was just perfect
was her name mishka?

i want that girl so bad
i know shes mishka
by jonathenisthe"man" July 15, 2009
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An outcry used when especially distressed; used in place of a swear word such as "gremlin"; comes from Bulgarian for "mouse"
"I missed the ping-pong ball again! MISHKA!
by fifinella September 24, 2008
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1- A person who grew up on a boat, like Mishka (this guy- look him up on youtube, search mishka above the bones)

2- Someone who wears a hat a lot, also like Mishka.
1- "dude that guy is totally mishka" "i kno he just came out of a boat"

2- "omg look at his hat!" "man, he is so mishka"
by b0bidkwat May 05, 2010
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