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A nice little village that is mainly supported by the farming comunitee. Has a couple of bars but maily a Cenex, Subway, and Country Store. A high school that is rather small but always puts a good team out. Wrestling and Football are the best sports by far, but the other teams are always competetive. Overall a great place to live and raise kids.
Dude: Hey man i just got pinned.
Guy: Where was the kids from?
Dude: Mishicot!
Guy: Where the hell is that?
by aicwebbtmac January 31, 2011
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A small quiet town, in the northeastern wisconsin region. This lovely little village is filled with incest and midgets. In this town the cops are very anal and most of the highschool sports teams are pussy ass mothafuckas.
Dude: Hey where were you last night?
Other Dude: I was in mishicot last night
Dude: Dude. Why? Doesn't your butt hole hurt?
Other Dude: Yeah i think i got raped.
Dude: Nice.
by sittingbull February 23, 2011
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