When people are admiring your gains. Supa set!
All these peasants are mirin’.
by Dom Mazzeti June 12, 2019
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they 'mirin my 'stethics
by youfukkinnigger August 11, 2011
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u mirin?

ye u mirin
by croppers September 28, 2011
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1. The action of acting dumb or a sense of not knowing
2. Admiring 'mirin' some trait of someone
Ex.1 Esti- Man 2+2 = 7

Parker- Man you mirin

Ex.2 Esti- Parker you mirin of my body

Parker- Nah man I'm not mirin
by TheOneAndOnly- Esti June 29, 2014
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The act of a 3 or more participating in a homosexual gang bang.
Morry has been jostling for a mirin for a long time.
by Jack Kendall, Ed. July 17, 2015
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