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Mircpressed: Depression caused by an over exposure to mIRC(Microsoft INternet Relay Chat) and or any version of IRC(Internet Relay Chat) where the user becomes strangely distanced from the use of said system and can no longer even force themselves to log in, despite wishing to interacte with other participants.

Often effects long time users of said program, and results in them stopping its use despite actually enjoying and making frequent use of said program. They are no longer as excited or interested in using in, even though they once enjoyed the interaction it allowed.
While in IRC chat, you the user, is hit with a sudden urge to leave the chat, and possibly not return. Not caused by any angry remark or insult from anyone or any dislike for the conversation, simply a sudden feeling of dislike for being in the program.
by Hutula[S-C] September 25, 2004
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