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n. The recurring cycle of changes in the behavioral patterns of certain individuals that is repeated roughly once every 28 days; marked by a strange attraction to wear European Renaissance style clothing, play the lute or lyre, and the desire to serenade rich people.

PMS, or Preminstrel Syndrome relates to the physical and psychological symptoms, including reciting poetry, talking in Shakespearean language, strong attraction to flamboyant clothing and stringed instruments, and occasional outbursts of heralding, that occur from 2 to 7 days before the onset of minstrelization.
"Why is Dave standing on the balcony performing such a ridiculous musical number in that awful green tunic?"
"Oh, he's just on his minstrel cycle, nothing to worry about."
by Steve the Bard September 24, 2009
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The period in which an artsy individual attempts to make money off of his/her music.
John: Where is Kate?

Adam: Shes over on the corner trying to earn money off of

her guitar.

John: Really? She isn't very good.

Adam: Cut her some slack, shes going through her minstrel cycle.
by Pr3ngles August 04, 2011
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The cycle, usually around 28 days long, when the female of our great species suddenly needs to eat a bag of Mars Minstrels (or similar chocolates). This is around the time of their period
Oh my god, my wife is having her Minstrel Cycle.
by Little Computer Nerd October 06, 2010
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