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This is a language spoken by an unsavory specimen known as a "minion", i.e a supporter of crazy people and low lifes. These minions blindly spout phrases to get attention from their idols such as "your haters are jealous of you" and "you don't owe anyone an explanation!". They can be found flocking near people they idolize hoping to be granted the slightest bit of attention from them. The idols of a minion tend to share similar characteristics such as being junkie drug addicted, child abandoning, STD ridden, whorish and batshit crazy. It is impossible to rationalize with minions (as well as their idols) as they only understand minionese. Be warned however; minions are known to turn on their idols when their adoration is repeatedly ignored.
Minion: Jenelle, yr such an great mother to Jace! You have really done turnt yr life around! Yr haters are just jealous!
Jenelle: *Retweets*
Rational Person: huh? She's not a good mother at all she abandoned her child!
Minion: shunt ipt dum loser
Rational Person: are you speaking minionese?
by Whorelle Evans June 17, 2013
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The language in which the minion race communicate in
"Gru doesn't understand that Kevin and Bob cussing him out in minionese"
by nayernay June 03, 2018
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