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*Garry's Mod specifically*
Roleplay Term.

When a large amount of minges (mingebags) join a server to constantly harass and troll the other players and staff, the purpose being to stress people out.

Usually, the causes of a mingepocalypse are:
a large group of friends,
a popular livestreamer streams and viewers want to play with them, or,
the server's IP is posted in an online troll forum, Steam group, chatroom or social media, and OP requests a raid.

A mingepocalypse is most likely to occur on DarkRP servers, as it originated from the game mode
Player: Dude, why the hell is spawn like this?
Player 2: It's a mingepocalypse, the staff are all busy with the fucks.

Player: I got RDM'd like 6 times! Do something!
Admin: It's a mingepocalypse right now, we need to focus on getting them banned.
by rock278 October 13, 2016
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