The inverse function of yours truly.

"Mine truly" may refer directly to the person you are speaking to, or any other third party so long as the reference to said third party is clear and evident.

Although yours truly can casually address an acquaintance, "Mine truly" is, in most cases, used to address a loved one (usually a significant other).
Ex 1:

Friend: "Who are you taking to prom?"

You: "Mine truly. Who else?"

Ex 2:

You: "I love mine truly."

Significant other: "That's corny af. I'm breaking up with you."

You: D8<
by Definitely not Kevin M. A. April 27, 2011
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A self reference for those who aren't loyal to the person or people being spoken to.
"Homeless man begging for spare change, I hope you go and die. I'm aware that your kind is a dishonest, drug fueled blight on society. When you finally grow a pair and realize that your life is both immoral and not worth lving and you're getting ready to lay your neck onto the railroad tracks, you can thank Mine Truly for the sage words. Be thankful that I've spared you my time."
by Phat Phuk May 6, 2017
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