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a pokemon introduced in the 7th generation that has the ghost and fairy typing. And is covered by Pikachu rags. Nobody knows what's under ,but there are theorys.It also has the disguise abillity allowing to have a gurenteed chance of 2-6 hit KO (unless if a pokemon has an ability like aurabreak) It also united weaboos to freak out together about the Mimikyu song that literally sounds like any other anime intro. Also if you like shiny pikachu rags, then use this online it's viable with the disguise ability.
person 1: OMG I just caught a shiny Mimikyu in Pokemon Sun and Moon
weaboo: Oh that pokemon reminds me of that Mimikyu song it great. Kotaku forever!!!!
person 1: Shut up weaboo
by Weed King Pin G December 13, 2016
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A new pokemon introduced in the generation 7 games. resembles pikachu
This new Mimikyu pokemon looks really familiar.
by shinyhinter November 19, 2016
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