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One of the most amazing people you will ever meet. Intelligent, athletic, funny, and has her own definition of beautiful. Guys often fall for her. She is a great friend or girlfriend. She is very determined in everything she does. At first glance, she may look cool, but she can be quite the geek sometimes. She loves anime, Kpop, comics and stuff like mythology. She will be shy around other people, but once you get closer to her, she can be a wild card. Although majority of the time she is chill, if you mess with something she loves, she will rip you to pieces. Mimiko's are very rare. If you find a Mimiko in your life, be sure to cherish her while you can.
Person A: "Did you see that girl? She looks so cool."
Person B: "Ya I know right, I think she is a Mimiko. I heard she has a weird side too."
Person A:"Hard to believe..."
by CoOkie._.Monnsterr December 16, 2018
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A shy Twitch streamer with incredibly huge ...eyes, paired with the ThiCC'st thighs. She is super nice to all of her viewers, as long as they don't mess with her friends. Her strength comes from her reliable trusty steed, her english bulldog; Mae Mae. If you find a Mimiko, you must defend it with your life. She loves white knights **
CHAD: ( Walks up with vape pen ) Hey sup bro>? Where da ladies at on twitch?
Me, an intellectual: Dost thou not Know'th of Mimiko? Stay thee Chad fixated to thine thot streamers. M'lady deserves better! T'way with thee! TWAY!
CHAD: Okay bro ( goes and becomes an alcoholic and drops out of college )
by ShadX The HedgeHeg June 12, 2018
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A shy and insecure teenager with large breasts. She often wears a hoodie to cover them or make them seem small. She's nice but has an evil side too. If you mess with someone she loves she'll rip you to pieces. She likes to hang out around boys a lot. Most of her closest friends are guys. When she gets home her kinky side gets unlocked. She can do amazing tricks with her breasts.
Boy 1: Bro did you see that chick with the big boobs

Boy 2: Yea that's my ex mimiko
by ILOVECHOCOLATEPENIS November 06, 2017
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Biggest idiot ever, but she's cute so it's alright.
"Why's that girl hugging a tree?"
"Dunno, probably a Mimiko."
O_o she do be kinda cute doe
by picklerickk February 20, 2020
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