The act of running or speed walking next to a moving car on the passenger side to make it look like you are almost riding in the car. It is a must to make faces and keep speed with the car when it is slows down or speeds up. A proper Milwaukee Buck is done by letting the car begin to move then waiting about 3-5 seconds before getting up to the passenger side and keeping speed with it. The key is to not make it look like you are running and staying level like you are actually riding in the car. It is best to engage in a Milwaukee Buck on a side street or a Neighborhood while at night and wearing a baseball hat. This is done because it makes it much more hilarious than during the day because it is much creepier and it makes it look more like you are really in the car. The hat is optional but it adds to the full effect.

Perfected by the E.
Dan- Dude you need to do a Milwaukee Buck when we drop Jim off. Its sooo funny!

E- Ok bro
by bigE205 March 19, 2011
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The process of becoming a gay buck. Shoving a buck antler up your anus. Refers to a guy buck soup kitchen, or a guy circle jerk, or the Milwaukee Bucks.
Steve, I really hated it when Mark and Stan Milwaukee bucked me. It was uncomfortable and queer.
by SMO June 29, 2012
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They have Giannis... so you can say their pretty good
Milwaukee Bucks: lol you guys suck

Miami Heat: lmao

Milwaukee Bucks: :D
by YourAnAcuteOne May 25, 2021
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A basketball team that gets destroyed like an 18 year old blonde chick at frat party every time they make the playoffs. They haven't won a championship in God know how long, neither does anyone care. Their coach has the IQ of a 3 year old child with Down syndrome. Good luck winning a championship Bucks
The Milwaukee Bucks got destroyed by the Heat in the NBA playoffs, not that anyone was surprised by this.
by Phat hoe 111 March 1, 2021
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Sports writers that write about Phoenix having an easy street to the NBA Finals due to injuries on opposing teams but don't mention the route Milwaukee took to get there forget that Milwaukee played an injury filled Atlanta Hawks team and an injury filled Brooklyn Nets team (just like the Atlanta Hawks played an injury filled Philadelphia team to get to the conference finals with Milwaukee). If a game is thrown before it ever starts, there is no getting a prediction about it wrong.
The Milwaukee Bucks played a lot of injury filled teams to get to the NBA Finals.
by The Original Agahnim July 22, 2021
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