Millenia is a female name. Has the same meaning as the word "Millenium" meaning a span of a thousand years. New Generation. A hope for period of joy, serenity, and justice.
Millenia is such a beautiful name.
by Shelszzz March 25, 2013
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A very cute girl. Super short, and just wants a fun group of friends. She loves going on adventures. Normally acts very happy, but usually only shows her sadness to closer friends. Very insecure at times, but confident most times. Her cuteness radiates and can quickly turn into sexiness. Her music taste is one that everyone would like, and she's got a good soul.
Damn, I need me a Millenia.
by littleboywithnolife January 2, 2017
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A fantasy football team owned by a faggot. He has an insatiable hunger for Jenny Mao's booty. Fellatio is also high on his list. Goatse is his idol.
RegginsFromTheSouth: what the heck is the millenia....
The Viet: A team owned by a fucking loser.
by The Viet August 8, 2006
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The grandest of all Mazda Millenia(s); A Mazda Millenia sold as new in the year 2000;
Holy shit, my quim started dripping when I saw his pearl white Millennium Millenia!

Say, is that a Millennium Millenia? Are you some kind of prince?

If that Millennium Millenia was a sandwich, I'd fuck it.
by IHaveAMillenniumMillenia April 14, 2009
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