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Millenia is a female name. Has the same meaning as the word "Millenium" meaning a span of a thousand years. New Generation. A hope for period of joy, serenity, and justice.
Millenia is such a beautiful name.
by Shelszzz March 25, 2013
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An event that had great expectations only to end up a disappointment or non-event.
The millenium-bug. The build up that on the stoke of the year 2000 everything would stop working, only to have very little happen.
by Skip Matt January 19, 2007
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A very cute girl. Super short, and just wants a fun group of friends. She loves going on adventures. Normally acts very happy, but usually only shows her sadness to closer friends. Very insecure at times, but confident most times. Her cuteness radiates and can quickly turn into sexiness. Her music taste is one that everyone would like, and she's got a good soul.
Damn, I need me a Millenia.
by littleboywithnolife January 02, 2017
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Something, preferrably involving technology, that surpasses one's expectations
you mean your car starts without anyone inside? That is so Millenium!
by MarQ The Goblin King September 25, 2006
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A sexy man of many talents thats mentally built different than others is bound to greatness. Is shy but time with him, he will open up.
He's a Millenium.
by The703Kid February 22, 2017
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A fantasy football team owned by a faggot. He has an insatiable hunger for Jenny Mao's booty. Fellatio is also high on his list. Goatse is his idol.
RegginsFromTheSouth: what the heck is the millenia....
The Viet: A team owned by a fucking loser.
by The Viet August 07, 2006
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To be of an exceptional nature.
Man, that was the millenium track. You should record another
by kodiak August 23, 2003
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