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Pouring milk first creates a better cereal-to-milk ratio. When you pour cereal first, you can't see how much milk you're really pouring until it has covered your mountain of cereal. When you pour the milk first, you know just how much cereal you need to match it.

Pouring the milk before the cereal also keeps your cereal crunchy for longer. There's nothing worse than eating soggy cereal at the bottom of your bowl. Milk before cereal preserves the coveted crunch. People who do this are logical, precise and independent.
Louis: Hey Chanel! Do you put milk before cereal?

Chanel: Yawr! It makes more sense and makes it taste better as well!
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by NotTonTon December 08, 2020
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A trend started by Lil ignorant. It’s the right way to prepare cereal. It is as simple as pouring milk in a bowl before pouring the sugariest cereal u can find.
Person 1: Yo did u see ignorants story? He poured the milk before cereal.

Person 2: Yea I just seen it, I’m about to record me doing it too and I’m going to tag him so he can see.
by Debra Johnson inc September 15, 2020
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A unique way to eat cereal invented by Lil Ignorant. Simply pour the milk before you pour the cereal then enjoy. Lil ignorant recommends you choose the cereal with the most sugar because he says it’s healthier for you.
I just recorded myself pouring the milk before cereal just like lil Ignorant now I’m going to be an a intelligent A+ student just like him.
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by Dr. Seuss Jr. October 01, 2020
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