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one crazy ass mother fucker. a mystery wrapped up inside of an enigma, FO' REALZ.
that girrr is suppa fly; must be a mikhaela.
by ONExmanxwolfxPACK April 11, 2011
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She's the most wonderful girl you will ever meet, she will always be by ur side and never talk sh*t about you. You are gonna be really lucky to have a friend like her. You don't wanna loose her. People should not wanna mess with a Mikhaela because she would FUCKEN kick ur a**. She's the most smartest, intelligent, polite, kind, loving, prettiest girl you will ever meet! She's the most fucken hottest chick in the world bruh.

She's a #1 in soccer and she will break your ankles. I would say that she is the most wonderful human beings ever to exist.
Oh danmm, that sexy bitch is hella flyyy. It is definetly a mikhaela and there's no other one like her.
by Ayybubbly January 30, 2017
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