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noun:The coolest cat. Beyond words. Best friends with Zum Zum and essentially epicness personified. The human equivilant of a Ferrari that flies. She will be seventeen forever.
Mikachu is too good for this example.
by Little Tea Pot March 13, 2010
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a nickname used too torture people whos names are mika and whose friends are crazy..but loved
l****e- MIKACHU!!!
liita-..oh god
by liita January 22, 2009
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A nickname given to a person with the name Mika. Mika can be pronounced as Mika or Meeka, but is spelled MIKA. combining the name Mika with Pikachu, this nickname will get Mika's nerves.
Mikachu! We can hang out tonight.
Ugh, will you stop calling me that!
by Feather of Truth March 09, 2017
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Someone who Is crazy
Says poonani alot
& doesn't like the smell of turkey
Damn you mika-chu!
dude thats a mika-chu right derrr!
by EhHEhah March 27, 2009
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