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A migor is essentially a mind orgasm. You have them when you think about something dirty that you did with so-n-so and it gives you butterflies.
Whenever Jane thinks about what she did with Dick, she gets a migor.
by Hollania April 04, 2005
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Migor AKA Maria with two i’s. A person that’s straight forward. Will go and beat the shut out of anyone cuz she’s part of the mafia 👌🏼

Person who doesn’t give a shit about rumors cuz she ain’t got time for that.

Really caring/nice but if u get on her bad side, prepare your funeral in seconds.

So called “player” but that’s bs.

Y’all, migor is lit🔥
are you Migor? cuz ur hot 🥵
by s.e.cret November 18, 2019
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