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Mightyena (Guraena in Japanese) is a hyena-based pokemon of the famous games. It was introduced in the Hoenn region, possibly better known as the Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald generation. Mightyena is of the Dark type, and one of the few purely Dark types (others being its smaller form, Poochyena, Absol, and Umbreon). It is a well known pokemon of both teams Magma and Aqua, being one of the few shared pokemon of the groups.

Mightyena is 3'3" and weighs 82 lbs. Its ability is Intimidate, and its egg type is Field. It is known as the Bite Pokemon (like Poochyena), has Gray color classification, and its numbers are 262 on the National Dex and 11 on the Region Dex.

In Ruby and Sapphire, you must evolve Poochyena (Level 18) to obtain Mightyena, but in Emerald you can catch them in the wild. They are certainly not the strongest pokemon, with only average stats (the highest is generally Attack).

In the orignial Sugimori art, Mightyena's nose is black, but in the sprites and nearly any other picture you may find (that isn't fanart), its nose is red. Apart from that, Mightyena is characterized by a light gray pelt with black 'stockings' on its paws, and a triangle beneath each eye. There are two separate streaks of longer fur, which grow continually longer as the progress down the back. These are often mistaken as one streak, but if you look at the backsprites you will see that there are in fact two. Its eyes have golden-yellow backgrounds, but he iris' are red.

It has a pack-like behavior, more like a wolf than a hyena, and many people compare it to wolf instead.

And stuff.
Note: All information listed is based off of everything non-Sinnoh (the new region)

Mightyena pwnz. =D
by Mightyenapup January 10, 2007
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