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A system or organization in which people, are ranked one above the other according to Aesthetic ability, muscle tone and form.
For example:

Gus is fairly high on the Mierarchy, with his ripped abs and toned calves inspiring awe and envy among the squat rack boys.

Lachlan however, is low on the Mierarchy; only skinniest of lads would ever consider Mirin' tri's that undefined and Aesthetically unpleasing.

* Bailey is an active proponent of the Mierarchy and lives for nothing more than the adulation of being mired'. He will be forever solitude and pure in his endless bulk.

Aziz Shavershian is placed at the top of the Mierarchy, acting as the Aesthatriarch; a much coveted position.
by #2014 September 23, 2013
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