Midsize in the social media/ fashion community pertains to people who are of healthy-chubby weight. Women between size 6-10 who are not skinny, but not fat are typically the range (based on an average height women).

Some plus sized creators have tried to reculture the term to benefit them, but basically anyone you look at and they are visibly fat are not mid size.

As a former size 12 chubby girl who would try and squeeze in mediums and smalls, my message to plus size girlies who are on here hoping to be validated as a “mid size”— just accept yourself. If you are truly happy with your body and size then own being overweight. If you are secretly insecure checking this site for validation, maybe work on your self esteem or health (IF YOU WANT TO).
I’m 5’5 and 140lbs. My build isn’t skinny or fat. I am midsized I suppose.
by formerchonk April 26, 2023
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"Oh she's just a midsize."
by dangerbird December 26, 2008
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size medium: 6-8 or 10 (womens)

also a term fat positive people are trying to coin to mean people size 12 and up.

Tiktoker: “Size 12 and up is midsize because people that size can’t fit into straight sizes.”

Everyone else: “No, that is not midsize. Midsize is medium. Size 12 and up is XL and up. That is called being obese/larger than average, not midsize.”
by -an actually midsized person October 14, 2022
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