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Midnight Snacks is a radio show hosted by W.T. Snacks, known as a moderator of It is played at 12AM of every Tuesday night/Wednesday morning
Hooray! Midnight Snacks is playing tonight!
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When a person decides to eat way too much food at an unsightly hour of the night.
George: *goes into the kitchen and sees Dan* Why the hell are you eating a salad, a steak, and ice cream at three in the morning?
Dan: It's just a midnight snack...
George: Whatever you say, fat ass.
by Boogiebop July 10, 2008
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The variety of "Snack" that you only see late night. Also known as a mistress or fuck buddy.
Jordan: Tiffany we can't tell my wife about this because you're my Midnight Snack.
by Schiff McGee June 06, 2018
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This occurs when your spouse wakes you up from sleeping, and you become their midnight snack. ;)
Dan, Midnight Snack
by Shavetherainbow July 08, 2012
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Used to describe a situation where someone will get out of bed in the middle of the night (despite the title, any time between bedtime and sunrise would be considered 'midnight' in this case) in order to have a quick bite to eat. This could be for any reason; the person may be hungry, or not tired, or just really craving a specific item of food. The snack is usually followed with the person immediately returning to bed.
Bill: You ok man?
Dave: Yeah, just couldn't get to sleep last night. I was really hungry for some reason.
Bill: What did you do?
Dave: Went downstairs, had a midnight snack and went back to bed. Felt better and got to sleep.
by WatcherMark May 23, 2019
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A sex act in which a man awakens a woman at midnight, only to surprise her by ejaculating all over her face.
My girl looked like she could use some extra protein so I blasted that bitch with that Midnight Snack.
by jMeech May 13, 2018
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