Being "MIDDLE OF THE ROAD" is similar to Being a "FENCE SITTER."

"Middle of the Road" People are usually "DEEP THINKERS" and NOT EASILY MANIPULATED by People or the Media.

A "Middle of the Road" Person is the Opposite of an "Extremist."

Middle of the Road people are SMART and STAND BACK TO LOOK AT THINGS and not get caught up in PROPAGANDA or other BULLSHIT VIEWS.

These people don't see Life as BLACK OR WHITE.
They see the GREYS and VARIATIONS in it.

They are always trying to figure out the TRUTH OF THE MATTER, which allows them NOT TO GET FUCKED OVER as much as People with their heads in a hole.

"You won't get Chuck to send off his kid to some Oil War in the Middle East, he is a "Middle of the Road" person."
by Ian De La Rosa November 21, 2013
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It's when someone can't decide if they are straight or gay.
"Dude, I slept over at Steve's place last night one thing led to another now I'm middle of the road."
by Dan'stheman March 31, 2010
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A narrow pencil-dick of a road which leads drivers into one of the most disgusting, downtrodden towns in America: Nanticoke, Pennsylvania.

While on Middle Road, drivers can expect to regularly see: deer, turkeys, vomit, empty beer cans, bloodsucking leeches, Virgin Mary statuettes, crack pipes, bird corpses, obese shirtless men, Burger King wrappers, human shit, Hello Kitty lunch boxes and John McCain 2008 presidential campaign memorabilia scattered across the pavement.

Drivers will also notice a unique surplus of doomed school children waiting at bus stops along with geeked-out junkies looking for their next heroin fix...two groups which often aren't mutually exclusive.

The worst part about traveling to Nanticoke on Middle Road is that the only reward for one's pilgrimage is the chance to visit a decrepit, slime ball town with less to be proud of than post-WWII Germany.

The main attraction of this place is a penis-shaped memorial sculpture in the town square which is constantly mocked and defaced by the town's inbred teenagers.
Guy 1: "Hey, how you gonna get to LCCC?"
Guy 2 : "I guess I'll take Middle Road Nanticoke, PA ."
Guy 1: "You'd be better off drinking the blood of an AIDS patient."
by Otis Yoze September 7, 2017
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