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Similar to micro aggressions, microflirting is flirting on a smaller, much subtler scale. Maybe she's married, he's engaged, or they're in the same friend group, but they occaisonally make comments or gestures that suggest that interest.
Girl: "Hey, I really like your hair today. I love the conservative, clean-cut style."
Guy: "Thanks!"
Guy's friend later: "Bro, she has totally been Microflirting with you, man. That's like the 3rd time she's complemented your hair."

(Girl and guy hug as they part)
Girl's friend: "Gurl, did you see how he gave you strong eye contact and lingered for half a second on your lower back?That was totally a Microflirt."
by Derek Michael November 24, 2015
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When someone wants to fuck you, but they don't know it yet or want to keep it on the DL. It's flirting, but at a subtler level.
Girl #1: Hey skank, lay off my ex
Girl #2: Um...we were just talking, bitch
Girl #1: you weren't. Thats the 4th time this week you complimented his hair, you just touched his arm, and that was some subtle eye-fuck action. Don't think I don't know about microflirting, bitch.
by Derek Michael December 06, 2015
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