Wow your being such a Mia W
by PopQueen August 1, 2018
She thinks hobbies count as sports aka thinks gymnastics is a sport but it’s just fucking not. She should be burend in a 1000 degree oven along with Leila and whoever burns them would be a hero. She thinks gymnastics means she’s athletic as a nigga. She should get a fucking tan with her pale ass. Her and her best friend are short as fuck. Mia will never get nailed as she is a lesbian and will scissor
Mia W licks out Rosabella’s pussy
by Izzie preusser sucks dick March 13, 2020
Mia W is a girl who is funny, but does get carried away by her jokes. She is inappropriate without realizing it. She is beautiful and will make you jealous. She has beautiful eyes and long luscious hair.
"That Mia w is back at it again, she just cracked a joke about her Mum and Dad!"
by PuppyLover2005 September 4, 2017