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People who are of Italian and Mexican heritage. Many of these people share liniage with Italian Immigrants who went to Mexico during the Italian dispora.
Her father's grandparents moved from Italy to Mexico, she's a Mexitalian.
by Mexitaliana March 25, 2008
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a person of the two greatest nationalities; tans easliy; easily attracts people of the opposite sex due to their good looks; tends to eat a lot due to delicious food and be short.
she's hot, she must be mexitalian.
by the mexitalian August 27, 2003
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Someone that is mixed bread with mexican and Italian. They are often known to have a tiny penis with a beer belly. Occasionaly they have 3 balls that are very hairy. They often pop boners around guys, when they get horny.
The MEX-i-TALIAN rode his bike, and poped a boner when he saw the homless guy asking for $.
by Sean puffy dick March 30, 2008
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