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The extremely compelx act of gathering the ingredients of a taco, which includes: tortilla, beef, lettuce, cheese, tomato, hot sauce, etc. and smushing them all together in one's right hand. When these ingredients are thoroughly mixed together, proceed to fist your woman in the vagina. After continuously fisting the female, the taco ingredients should all be placed inside her vagina. Finally, proceed to eat out the female's vagina which should taste like delicious fish tacos!
Alec: yo bro what you doin?
Dan: nothin man I gotta relax after last night.
Alec: why chief, what happened?
Dan: me and my girl were hungry so we went to taco bell, then I gave her the good ol' Mexican Fisherman.
by thekevinsmyrl May 17, 2011
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When you pull a dirty sanchez and then instantly transition to the rusty fish hook.
Sometimes I just do the Dirty Sanchez to my girlfriend. Sometimes I give her the Rusty Fish Hook. But last night, I pulled a Mexican Fisherman on her!
by dx6ski February 28, 2011
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