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Refers to a skimped sac of black tar heroin, normally weighing out to 7/10ths of a gram instead of a whole gram. The reason dealers practice such "Jew behavior" is because heroin addicts will only bitch and moan about being jipped for less than a minute, until they can't stand feeling sick, and thus they'll take what they can get at that time. This doesn't excuse the dealers for their shitty service however, and they should be ashamed for having such poor practice. The only time a Mexican Gram would be remotely acceptable, is if the quality of the heroin is so balls-out amazing, that the users joined "team Nod-Squad" instantaneously after smoking/slamming/snorting/booty-bumping that shit.
My dealer is such a Jew for selling me a Mexican Gram time and time again.
by Pete_from_the_street August 09, 2016
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