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The Mexican Cartwheel is a standing Sixty-Nine. Hetero - The man is standing up, the woman has his penis in her mouth, and her thighs are on his shoulders, his face is in her crotch. He can have his arms around her waist, or holding her shoulders. Just be careful getting into, and out of, this position, no dropping of the partner is allowed.
Guy: "Wanna do a Mexican Cartwheel babe?"
Babe: "Only for a few minutes this time, it gives me a headache."
by ct_sailor December 05, 2011
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A sex act mentioned by the character Adrian Hobbs to her husband Andrew as a suggestion made by another character, Dulcy, in A Midsummer Night's Sex Comedy, written and directed by Woody Allen (1982). Andrew replied that it sounds incredibly filthy, however no description is given, and people have been making suggestions as to the nature of the act ever since. Here's another.

Not the gymnastic activity. Rather analogous to the wheel of a cart.

Hot version: Woman seated atop a man, with his erect penis in her vagina. She straightens her knees and puts her legs forward at angles, like the spokes of a cart wheel. She may do the same with her arms, as though they were spokes of a second wheel. Then her partner (or, better, one or more other persons) rotates her with the penis acting like an axle. Success may depend upon the physical attributes of the persons involved.

Extra hot version: Gender here is less relevant. The erect penis is in the rotating partner's rectum.

Super hot (but extremely difficult) version: Two penises are involved at the same time in the same orifice. Variant: Two erect penises act like two ends of an axle, one taken orally, the other below. Some contraption, such as a netted hammock or a board with a hole in it, may be necessary to suspend the top partner. Most easily performed, given some practice, in a zero-gravity environment, in which case anchoring of the partners serving as axles will be necessary.
Teddy and Gina helped Sophie and me perform the Mexican cartwheel. It's much easier when you can just lie back -- or, in Sophie's case, sit -- and enjoy while your helpers do all the work.
by Lexical Love May 24, 2011
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When you get stabbed in the poop shoot by a bull and make a full 360 before hitting the ground again.
Did you see Pedro when he did that Mexican cartwheel last week!?
by tentsquatawa October 05, 2009
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