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1:An enigmatic Game player that seems to exsist in every decent mmorpg known to man. oddly if you Ask him his/her responses all seem to point towards it being the same person in all games. normally he/she is very rude crude and angry and bound to insane remarks and outbursts. but other players speak of him/her as a good person. many times this player in all games is Solo'ing impossible odds and finding ways to anger people legitimatly

2: a town in the anime bastard that once shared the same name as the band Metallica but do to copy right issuses the name was altered to have a similar sound.
Mettaricana has been recently spotted in games like Aion,mabinogi,RS,maplestory,Wow,RF online, Endlessonline,Ragnarok online,Vindictus, dynasty warriors online, megaten, Fiesta, pandora saga, dragon saga
by that guy in your closet starin December 28, 2010
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