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HELL as we can all agree on that, this school can rape you from behind and kill your living soul.As a dank memer myself instead of taskstream we have ugh, schoology.We still have powerschool and its still the same.The lack of grading from the teachers make me want to jump off a cliff.This school teaches your children to try to kill themselfs after getting a 89% (The grade of pain).As you try to remediate just for a quiz while you try to study for a final exam the next f##king day.Also they made a new part of the building for little middle schoolers to enjoy this hell too.
Mother:Child the teacher has not graded your test
Child:That test was a week ago.
Metro Early College High School in a nut shell.
by PLzsave my memes February 27, 2017
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Welcome to He- I mean Metro I mean metro I meant to say metro! A school in Columbus Where the once smart want to kill themselves ,the average stay average and where the dumb thrive. Yes metro is an interesting school. Kids who understand anything will have no problamo at this school. The kids who have trouble learning somethings WILL GET EXPOSED TO THE FULLEST EXTENT. The dumb kids thrive, because well they just expect it. The 6th graders are considered gods to everyone else whereas everyone else is just a shitter. The remediation policy is absolute shit where once again the 6th graders thrive as those teachers give easy remediation policy whereas everyone else gets teachers who get long and hard remediation policy (remediation is when you get under an 90 % and have to do test corrections and retake). This school is for STEM right wrong! We get like one robotics club and the programming club is only for girls. The depression in metro is real and it feels like at any second some kid is gonna shoot up the school. Teachers don't teach and it seems like everything sucks. The one thing I want to leave with you people is you could be going to columbus city schools.
I love Metro Early College High School and my kid loves going there- Parent who pays no attention to how the kids feel
*Kid Sitting in corner of room listening to linkin park* DARKNESS *Dunt Dunt* I GO TO METRO *Dunt Dunt*
by KyleYourSelf February 28, 2017
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Metro, commonly referred to as "hell" by the sophomore class, is a STEM school.

Metro was created on the idea that kids could go on an accelerated school life, and go straight to college. By doing two years of college, students can get a start into the world.
Metro constantly changes, leading to confusion. Seniors relax, knowing that they will never again have to deal with Metro's flux, while the freshman class dread the upcoming years.

Procrastinators are never punished, thus everyone at Metro procrastinates in some way. The only way for a procrastinator to become punished is if the teachers call the parents. Students who find themselves on the receiving end of this expect to hear lectures.

Grading is one thing that has not changed in the history of Metro. At Metro, one must meet what is called MASTERY, or a 90% or higher. Failing to receive this grade, even receiving 89%, results in the dreaded WIP.

Metro runs on an online system. Students submit work onto a site called Taskstream, which are then graded by teachers that are tech-savvy enough to use a Mac. If a student does not have access to a computer, the school will provide a used MacBook. If the student does not have Wi-Fi, the school simply shows the kid to a hotspot.

The other part of Metro's monitoring system is known as PowerSchool. This is a grade book where teachers can put grades, giving parents a way to monitor kids. However, teachers never update their grade book, usually leading to classes with no grade.
Powerschool Grade: 89% (WIP)

Parent: Powerschool says You're not meeting your potential. I sent you to Metro Early College High School so that you could meet your potential

Student: Ok. (Notices lack of grading in over two months.)
by radio414 June 02, 2011
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