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A drug criticized to the point of illegitimate discredit by a small percentage of discriminators in government who are uninformed but spread the lies of the information they smear users with to the point where it is a rumor . Leaving the already misdiagnosed 'Methdiversiam' user to be among murderers. Forcing l users to admit they have a addiction or face the unfair sentence. This way you get re confirmed through the drug agencies these people have a problem and create a surplus of overpriced drug classes again placing the 'Methdiversiam' users in the category with drunk drivers. If they were not forced to take the deal these classes would not even exist or anyone attend. These places already existed no one used their services. Classifying users again as people who need psychiatric help. Classes based around helping people quit but nothing to help them with what they are blamed for . You use the user to seek help they don't need , give the people the help they do need. It is your failure! Have pharmaceutical justify your cause then why don't you justify it Give people the drugs for as little as they cost to produce then you can legitimately distinguish their problems the poor have. With what they have spent their money on consider the true derogatory effects the truth.

"Look at that bum damn what 'Methdiversiam" does to people trash digging derelicts" I
"If they get busted with 'Methdiversiam' we will not let them have a range of jobs and then we will say they don't work"
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by abominmind December 01, 2013
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