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The stripping of enamel from the teeth, caused by prolonged meth smoking. The teeth, lacking enamel, then rot at a much faster rate, often turning black and infecting the gums.
by Horus March 15, 2006
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"meth mouth," leaves users' teeth black-stained, rotted and often unsalvageable.
Grimey boy did so much crystal meth his teeth looked like rotten chicklits!
by JTD July 26, 2005
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A condition present in meth smokers where teeth rot and fall out.A few theories exist as to what causes this;

1) Meth dries out your salivary glands thus making them more vulnerable to the acidic nature of the drug.

2) People drink sugary soda and eat candy to alleviate the dryness,and ignore their hygiene as a result of the addiction.

3)or they habitually grind their teeth.
That white trash bitch smoked so much meth,she got meth mouth and all of her teeth turned black.
by Chrissy1684 May 01, 2006
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When someone smiles at you and has no upper front teeth. Typically accompanied by sun wrinkles and long stringy hair. These attributes are often associated with the side effects of excessive use of Methamphetamines.
Many people featured on Dog the Bounty Hunter have a serious case of meth mouth.
by Raymond Black March 23, 2010
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When a person has very bad breath or has lost teeth from using so much crystal meth, you are considered a methmouth.
He smokes so much fucking crystal that now he is a methmouth.
by SeekretsJlove March 24, 2008
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When you use meth, cocaine, or abuse Adderall or similar drugs and don't keep hydrated, your mouth becomes a growing ground for bacteria. This causes a bad taste, smell, and yellowing teeth. Meth mouth is the effects from using it.
friend 1: "Hey man how's it going?"
friend 2: "I have a serious case of meth mouth due to Adderall. It sucks"
friend 1: "Ew gross I heard that's when bacteria builds up due to dehydration"
adderall meth drugs cocaine addies study drug
by midnightrise May 03, 2016
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