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Two theoretical constructs:

1) Experiential suggests consciousness/meta awareness dissociations-the notation that individuals can have an experience (experiential consiousness) without being explicitly aware of their interpretation of the experience (meta awareness).
2) The discovery misattribution-notation that individuals can confuse the experience with the discovering meta-awareness of the prior experience with the discovery memory itself.
In other cases the change may involve regaining meta-awareness of that meaning of the experience with the discovery that, through deliberate or non-deliberate manipulation of the monitoring system, has not been reflected on for some time.

Leading to the individual to a profound sense of discovery that will persuade the individuals, rightly or wrongly, that they are accessing the memory for the first time. As a consequence of a variety of encoding factors, range from the very straight forward (e.g. age, lack of discussion, stress) the more esoteric (e.g. dissociation, nocturnal cognitive processing). Particularly when they are disjunctive with other experiences, may continue to elude retrospective meta-awareness, thereby making them difficult to retrieve deliberately. Instead they may await unique contextual cues that overlap with the original experience. Also demonstrated in sleep laboratory’s. When this process occurs it triggers an individual to regain or gain new insights about one’s self. Not to be confused with false memory. Participation studies using DES low/high scored test to interprit false memory or actual tramatic memory by Mean Interference score. PTSD, and suppressed memory’s are located by these study’s and motivation of an person to have a sense of meta-awareness. ;) Think I've got You buddy!
by Wlfdg*8Mybr@inw/<3NCo. January 19, 2010
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