The point of meta irony is to muddle the joke making your audience wonder if you’re being serious or joking and ultimately leaving them confused. And maybe even concerned

Meta-Irony is a layer of a joke. First comes “Sincerity/Pre-Irony”, then “Sarcasm/Irony” and last “Post Irony/Meta Irony

Meta Irony is commonly used in Gen Z humor, because of the world they grew up in which was very bleak.. ie 9/11, constant news updates, having a date for when it’s too late to stop climate change, stock market crash, a generation born into the technology age etc.

Gen Z humor follows a nihilistic approach, nothing matters so who cares what I say or do or actually come off as “cringe”.

Millennials however also had a nihilistic approach but seeped more into nothing matters, so why should I try.. *listens to MCR*

Meta-Irony and Gen Z humor looks for the zany and random because they are so completely immersed in media that they have seen it all and have a need or search for more.
Meta Irony Can sound like:

Omg guys!! Stop calling me a furry haha, it’s not like I have a suit in my closet or anything haha lol, you totally wouldn’t find ears hidden in my bed sheets.. haha who would even think that?? I mean unless… I’m KIDDING!! No but like I mean…

Or using “Rawr XD” because Gen Z knows just exactly how cringey it is and now finds it funny to add into sentences among peers.

Ex: *in a manic happy tone* “yeah I’m just having the peachiest time today at work doing my absolute favorite tasks like blending peanut butter!! No it’s literally the best actually because it comes out so smooth it’s just my favorite when it pours perfectly in the bottle. I’ll keep you updated L-O-L Rawr XD!!
by u know that one person February 8, 2023
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A joke which can not be considered either sincere or ironic.

When used as a feedline (1) the idea is to judge the audiences viewpoint, and respond to it. When used as a punchline (2) meta-irony works as a mirror, like in abstract art, inviting the audience to make up their own mind if the joke was serious or ironic, while leaving the meta-ironic person/comedian invulnerable to criticism because their viewpoint is not clear.

1) "Women are like dogs"

To an offensive reception - You can follow with; "They clean food from the kitchen floor" or "they will always be afraid of burglars"

To an amused reception - You can follow with; "They can't stop being bitches" or "they bark more at other bitches" or

"They will only shut up once you feed them"

2) " Trans women's pussies are like vegan-burgers - Thats not blood that beet juice "

Some may think - "Well, veganism and trans are both progressive issues. So the comparison is true"
Some may think - "It is true that trans women's pussies are not real pussies, and thus trans women are not real women"


A meta-ironic joke reveals nothing about the users viewpoint, and is intentional.

nb. This should not be confused with a purely ineffective ironic joke, or with English dry humour where the idea is to try to be taken seriously revealing the naïvety of the audience.
"He likes meta-irony he is not a communist. He is not a capitalist either, don't take him too seriously he was being meta-ironic"
by AlphaPappa March 14, 2022
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