Trans women are women who were assigned male at birth, yet don't feel like a man inside.
Person A) Hey, I've been thinking about this for a long time, and I'm a Trans Woman.
Person B) Cool, What's your new name and pronouns?
Person A) I'm Juniper and my pronouns are She/They.
Trans Women are Women
by I WANT WAFFLE FRIES December 10, 2021
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Trans women, also known as "mtf" (male to female) or "Transgender woman" is a man who regards himself as a female (either privately or publicly).

The overwhelming cause for this state of mind as documented by the literature is Gender Dysphoria(GD)/Autogynephilic(AGP). Both are metal/sexual disorders characterized mainly by the view and feeling of oneself as a female.

GD and AGP are disorders known for making the sufferer feel like the other sex and therefore choosing to be present as a female is the a common treatment.
Drag Queen: I like looking like a woman
Trans women: I actually am a woman
by Epicus December 27, 2022
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13th june, day you should appreciate trans women on
hey are you going to appreciate any trans women since its 13th of june aka trans women appreciation day?
by PolishKitKat June 11, 2024
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