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A joke which can not be considered either sincere or ironic.

When used as a feedline (1) the idea is to judge the audiences viewpoint, and respond to it. When used as a punchline (2) meta-irony works as a mirror, like in abstract art, inviting the audience to make up their own mind if the joke was serious or ironic, while leaving the meta-ironic person/comedian invulnerable to criticism because their viewpoint is not clear.

1) "Women are like dogs"

To an offensive reception - You can follow with; "They clean food from the kitchen floor" or "they will always be afraid of burglars"

To an amused reception - You can follow with; "They can't stop being bitches" or "they bark more at other bitches" or

"They will only shut up once you feed them"

2) " Trans women's pussies are like vegan-burgers - Thats not blood that beet juice "

Some may think - "Well, veganism and trans are both progressive issues. So the comparison is true"
Some may think - "It is true that trans women's pussies are not real pussies, and thus trans women are not real women"


A meta-ironic joke reveals nothing about the users viewpoint, and is intentional.

nb. This should not be confused with a purely ineffective ironic joke, or with English dry humour where the idea is to try to be taken seriously revealing the naïvety of the audience.
"He likes meta-irony he is not a communist. He is not a capitalist either, don't take him too seriously he was being meta-ironic"
by AlphaPappa March 14, 2022
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