Messianic Satanism is a type of Spiritual Satanism that worships a human being

or series of human beings as in incarnation(s) or Avatar(s) of Satan. The major

branch of this religion worships an incarnation or man who is said to have been

born sometimes in the 1960's and may or may not be alive today.He is often

called Vlad Demonicus. He is widely believed to have written a book called the

Maldictus which some groups use as a "Bible". There are many versions of it.

Another worships an incarnation or Avatar that is yet to be born.That is also

often called Vlad Demonicus. There Priesthood know certain secret signs that

point to the real incarnation that they keep secret in order to discourage

The idea of an incarnation is that of a counter Christ or antichrist and the

religion is thought of as a type of antichristanity and extreme rejection of it.
He Believes in Messianic Satanism.
by judgedredd7 April 30, 2013
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Idea that a circle that transitions from having a Tarski-perimeter (external) to having a non-Tarski perimeter (internal) reduces the number of its perimeters from uncountable to infinite.
A circle with boundaries inside of its plane has an infinite number of perimeters; a circle with boundaries outside of its shape has an uncountable number of perimeters. Messianism is an example of a premature-perfect reduction.
by flightfacilities November 18, 2021
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