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A person who plays Overwatch has the most play time on Mercy often being referred to being a "Mom Friend", Weeb, thirsty freak or egirl, with questionable abilities on the hero. Mercy mains fall into 3 categories:

Pocket Mercy's- Mercy's who literally never take their pistol out no matter what the situation is, and just die all the time die to their incompetence unless accompanied by a Pharah.
Battle Mercy's- Mercy's who rarely heal and doubt their teammates' abilities, is rather than getting assists, like some wuss, they do the job themselves and often kill unsuspecting enemies with a surprising amount of success or downright failure.
Egirl Mercy's- The Mercy who has a real girly name, no mic, and often accompanied by a white knight to back them up even though they have 1000 hours on Mercy and still look like they've never played a shooter in their life with a kit consisting of hot keys for the "You're welcome voiceline and "Thanks" and lastly a golden staff with that damn witch skin as well. Also, may be a closet thirsty guy or Weeb who just wants extra protection when they're playing Mercy.
It's dumb how so many Mercy mains got carried to Top 500.
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by Cynpai June 24, 2017
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A person who mostly plays the hero Mercy on Overwatch. Playing Mercy requires good multitasking skills - healing multiple heroes, resurrecting, spotting flanking enemies, killing enemy supports, damage boosting. Mercy mains need to have good decision making abilities such as when to activate their Valkyrie ultimate to change the tide of battle.

Mercy mains are the backbone or any team in Casual or Competitive play.
A Mercy Main is the backbone of any team in Overwatch
by Melissan January 23, 2018
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A mercy main is what many people become when they want to reach a high SR in Overwatch competitive mode without being good at anything.
Oh no, our team has 2 one-trick mercy mains
by OW_player May 06, 2018
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A person that has the excuse to blame their fucking team if they lose and just says that if they stole a so called play of the game they are a pro and all they do it sit on their ass and press one button hiding behind a player or wall
That's a mercy main they don't know how to do anything
by AmErIcAn__LaTiNo April 08, 2017
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A kind, patient Overwatch player who has the most time on the hero Mercy. Not to be confused with a one trick Mercy, as those only have the capability to play mercy. DO NOT ASSUME ALL MERCY MAINS ARE ONE TRICKS. You will piss off a lot of Mercy mains by doing this. Mercy mains may only play Mercy because not enough players in Overwatch are willing to play support, or maybe they fall into support main and play other supports besides Mercy as well.
Player 1: Dude, I think badatgames is a one-trick mercy.
Player 2: Naw dude, they have 22 hours on Pharah. That's just a good mercy main.
by badatgames September 04, 2018
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