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1. A person with many names and nicknames simply because her name is so unique and she is loved.
2. Sweet, compassionate, and fun to be around.
3. Adds great style and pizazz to everything!
Merari like Ferrari, but with an M
Merari safari!!!
by XOXO5E February 02, 2010
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Shes badsass,smart,athletic,strong,funny,fun,care free,and SOOOOO much more.
Shes not afraid to give someone her opinion, but when it comes to crushes she keeps it cool. shes a super crazy person (in a good way) and very advanced in well everything.Shes one of those people that you dont wanna lose. shes a caring and kind person but when your on her bad side i feel bad for you. Meraris are very special girls. theyre one of a kindso dont loseherbecause theres none other like her. She has SOOOOO many nicknames so be carefull when you call her something.
EX. Merari ferari, merari safari , merari, safari, ferari,and many more

BY:Merari A. Uribe
by Merari, girl definition June 01, 2018
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