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The undermining or destruction of a person's mind or will.

Jake: Those people seem completely brainwashed.

Cody: Yeah, they must have undergone some sort of menticide.
by psycho-muffin August 02, 2009
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Ok, look at the pronounciation, thus telling us, where the word stems from. (Men...___side). Lady's this is how you handle the shark pit!

The word itself meaning Brainwashing!
Darling, you can't pull your menticide tact on me. We all know it's about your dong and willy's need to break free of fellowship. This ain't no heaven's gate idiot boy's. Save your darn koolaid and ingannation for teenie tots that belive your game. You could have just said your lulliloo B was welcoming, but hen your plan would have been shot to shizer!

Princox, is a arrogand effminate fellow as it seems!
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