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The inexplicable, unpredictable nature of sudden hormonal shifts compelled by metabolic strain the female body experiences as it endures "the change" which women can neither avoid nor control -- sometimes inspires near homicidal behavior accompanied by even more colorful profanity. This behavior is ordinarily out of character for the female suffering the throes of menopause. Synonyms can include: venom-vox, spit-fire, hell-tongue, death-shrew, and toxic-locorrhea.
Ordinarily she was truly so sweet and pleasant, but in a sudden flare of of menopause-mouth she told her partner how she would bloody well enjoy watching them f*in burn to near-death in a pit after which mo-fo fire ants slowly brought a certain GD end by consuming their flailing, pleasantly smoke-flavored, f*in remnants, GD-it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Jules.Sheehy August 03, 2018
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