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Menglins are naturally very beautiful, intelligent and funny. Slim figure but is a bit on short side-does not stop them from having long legs! also alluring and mysterious-something just draws you to them..They always seem to about everything thats happening, aswell as being a hella fantastic friend! Menglins seems too have a talent for nearly everything, but sometimes is arragont mean. usually very friendlie!
Wow...she's got be a Menglin!
by jer_bestokiss983 February 26, 2017
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if u meet a menglin she be very very very pretty but super narcisstic and intimidaiting. u scared to talk to her coz she so unapprochable and only nice to her friends otherwise a total bitch.
"hey,, who is that girl?
wanna speak to her bro?
dont bother.
by fuckyoubitch130 April 21, 2018
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Emotionless, arrogant, vain. Shallow too, will not even talk to you if she thinks you're too ugly.
Annoyingly intelligent, good at every damn thing. Has shit ton of friends but hard to get close to.
She's naturally hot as fuck though, you'd have to be crazy or gay to not try and hit that.
hey bro who is that, menglin, wanna talk to her, don't bother she'll break ur heart dude
by fuckyoubitch130 December 22, 2017
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