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A sleep-over event aimed solely at grown men. These events usually consist of activities such as playing video games, baking or cooking treats and meals, light alcohol consumption and general socializing. The events end with all participants sharing one large bed or sleeping area.

Men Overs, or "MENOVERS!" as they are often called, are not homo-sexual events but are sometimes referred to as such due to the level of comfort shown between each man involved. This actually stems from years of friendship which can create a Men Over style bond of trust.

Traditionally all of the men taking part will wear a pair of Long Johns, either throughout the event, or as sleep wear. This is not mandatory however, especially if partaking in a Men Over in a warmer climate.

The term "men over" originates from a phrase sometimes used in football commentary where it refers to a moment in play when one team has players free in space on the opposite side of the pitch from the player with the ball.
Mark, Andrew, Nicholas and Stuart were excited about the Men Over that was planned for Friday night.

Person A: "We haven't all got together in ages, what do you fancy doing?"

Person B: "Men Over?"

Person A: "MEN OVER!"
by Oscar Orange November 12, 2010
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