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A person who trades sexual acts for highly desirable memes.
Melissa let Tony in the back door in trade for his rare Pepe collection, what a memeslut.
by Firefighterlynn17 May 06, 2016
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A person rather promiscuous with their memes. They spread their memes at a higher rate than most other humans. Most bloggers are ridiculous memesluts. Also a pretty sweet website.
Quinton won't shut up about venetian snares... what a memeslut.
by Quinton November 02, 2004
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When you and another persons entire relationship is you sending them dank memes and occasionally receiving them back.
I love having Clare as my little Meme Slut
by Nimble Platypus January 29, 2017
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A person who is very fond of memes. Knows the rarest pepe and has 30+ memes in their camera roll. Similar to 'meme queen'
OhMyGurd she is a lowkey Meme Slut
by zigzagaz May 31, 2016
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