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Hottest girl in the town.
A very beautiful person inside and out. Mostly out.

Will always make you laugh and give you a hug before you even know you need one! For free.

Can be some what blunt. But at least you know she is truthful. Very sweet and easy to talk to. Loves the colour pink and loves her family more than anything else!

High morals. She sets her own ground.
Guy1: Geez, is that Emma Watson?
Guy2: Nope
Guy1: Megan Fox
Guy2: You think she stands a chance?
Guy1: Who is she then?
Guy2: Melissaa
Guy1: She is way prettier than Emma Watson, Megan Fox, Melissa etc.
by PandaLikePWN December 24, 2010
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gorgeous girl. amazing at giving bj's! and a good friend.
OMFG! did you see that melissa a?! she is amazing at bj's!
by borriss cloaten June 07, 2011
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This word is a Noun used to describe the most Amazing Girl in the Universe. She is also a model. She is also a well known athlete who was a badminton champion in Chandler High school and was a beast of a player. She is also very beautiful, sexy, and smart. She truly adds happiness and enlightens life. A girl that is always there when you need her. she means the world to me(: She is the nicest, sweetest, and most caring girl on the planet.
Dude, do you know that girl melissaa? Yeah man, she's amazing.
by asterturf January 26, 2011
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