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A joke of a subgenre, attempting to unify EDM, electro, vague dance aspects and is as close to electronica authenticity as Bonkers was to grime. In fact, most of its shitty synthesised overlays sound like they've been sampled straight from Dizzee's Bonkers they're that shit.
Fortunately, this shitty attempt at music (or making people wanna commit acts of sexual harassment and probably suicide) died in 2014, with the only known perpetrators of this hideous noise left living in remote areas of North Wales as they're bored as fuck.
"Josh, are you listening to fucking Melbourne Sound again?"

Josh: "Yeah"
"In the shower?"
Josh: "Yeah"
"You're tensing in front of the mirror to it again aren't you"
Josh: "Yeah"
by Rhowen101 May 02, 2018
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Melbourne Sound is a sub genre of electronic music developed over the years in the underground club scene of Melbourne Victoria Australia. Melbourne Sound generally consists of 4x4 beats with hard baselines.
Stevie Mink - Simon Says (Pioneer of the Melbourne Sound)
by inkredible July 15, 2011
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