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1. To be victimized by an others incompetence.

2. Drain on society
Derp walked into the computer lab only to find he'd been Mejiad months ago.

Me:"Man this image is so fucked."
You: "Yeah. It's been Mejia'd"
Me: "Huh?"
You: "Pretty much means that, the person who built it has no fucking clue what he is doing, and now you are suffering for his incompetence."
Me: "Fuck my life, and fuck stupid people."
by HEEEEERP!!!! January 12, 2012
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To create unnecessary work and headache for your coworkers, either through laziness or more often, total incompetence.
Stan was Mejiad into rebuilding the database server for six hours last night because Hank screwed it up and then called in sick. Again.
by Pharmacy Tek January 12, 2012
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